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At the Annual Meeting in May each year, we read the list of the current year's passings and pause for a moment of remembrance for them.
We also notify members of the deceased Class and HUMAA's Board of Directors via email throughout the year. 

As time goes by, we lose more and more Alumni.  We make every attempt to keep of list of those who have passed from this life, but we are not always informed.  If you know of a HUCM alumnus who has passed away, you may now notify us through this website. 
We make every attempt to keep our lists current and not omit anyone.

Please fill out the form below by providing details. If possible, we would appreciate a link to any online information concerning their passing (news article, online obituary, etc.)  
To respect the family of all deceased, we will not share any announcement unless they are confirmed through public information, 
or by a family member. 

We ask for your telephone and email address just in case we have any questions.

Thank you for caring enough to share the loss with us.

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