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You have reached the page to make your donation to HUMAA. 
You can make your donation in several ways. Click Here if you would like to learn of the various ways to donate to HUMAA. 

Thank you for your support. 

Via Mail:  Please note due to the pandemic, postal mail is being processed slower than usual. 
If you wish confirmation of your mailed check, we ask you to send it with USPS tracking delivery options so you may confirm delivery. Thank you.

Make your check payable to:
Howard University Medical Alumni Association
P.O. Box 801
Silver Spring, MD 20901 

Online:  Please scroll down. 

Gift Securities and Stocks

Wire Transfers & Stock Donations 

Email | (202) 803-2989 

Recurring Monthly Donations

Please make your RECURRING DONATION HERE.   
For ALL OTHER DONATIONS, please complete the form below.  

Thank you. 

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