1871 Club

Howard University Medical Alumni Association (HUMAA) was founded in 1871 and is the oldest alumni association in the Washington, DC area. HUMAA alumni reflect the prestigious history of the Howard University College of Medicine - a legacy of equality and of opportunity. 

Today, HUMAA is nearly 150 years old and the alumni network consists of a wide range of accomplished professionals in academia, community practice, government and the private sector. The 1871 Club honors those alumni who have made an ongoing commitment to HUMAA in the amount of $18.71 or greater.

HUMAA would like to thank the current members of the 1871 Club:

Sharif Abdus-Salaam, M.D.

Feremusu N. Kamara, M.D.

Tanya N. Alim, M.D.

Carla J. Lambert, M.D.

Deborah Bernal, M.D.

Tony H. Lawrence, M.D.

Sylvester C. Booker Jr, M.D.

Darrell G. Looney, M.D.

Carolyn P. Cacho Bowman, M.D.

Toni P. Miles, M.D.

Oliver T. Brooks, M.D.

Schery R. Mitchell-James, M.D.

Leon E. Brown Sr., M.D.

Harold E. Moore Jr., M.D.

Millicent Collins-Harley, M.D.

Philippa S. Moore

Arlene Crawford-Paden, M.D.

Charles P. Mouton, M.D.

Renee E. Corley-Davis, M.D.

Robin Newton, M.D.

Jackson L Davis III, M.D.

John J. Oliga Jr, M.D.

Trent Davis, M.D.

Yvette N. Owens, M.D.

Lenox S. Dingle, M.D.

Angelyn Ramsey, M.D.

Kenneth E. Dorsey, M.D.

Clifford W. Roberson Jr., M.D.

William L. Doss III, M.D.

Reginald L. Robinson, M.D.

Debra H. Ford, M.D.

Barbara H. Sanders, M.D.

Stephen A. Geller, M.D.

Eglal Shalaby-Rana, M.D.

Charmaine M. George, M.D

Deborah M. Smith, M.D.

Kathleen C. Gordon, M.D.

Olumide O. Sobowale, M.D.

Earl H. Harley, M.D.

Connie Swiner III, M.D.

Yolanda Haywood, M.D.

Renee A. Thomas-Spencer, M.D.

Denina A. Helm, M.D.

Charles E. Thompson III, M.D.

Naomi L. Hill-Hugh, M.D.

Mavis Thompson Blaize, M.D.

Donna L. Hines, M.D.

Robbyn P. Tureman-Steiner, M.D.

James W. Hobbs, M.D.

Richard O Watson, M.D.

Yolanda C. Holmes, M.D.

Marilyn K. Watson-Millet, M.D.

Sonja S. Howard, M.D.

Joseph C. Webster, M.D., PhD

Keith A. Hunter, M.D.

Melvin W. Williams, M.D.

Gordon G. Ifill, M.D.


Marian Johnson-Thompson, PhD


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