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Welcome to HUMAA's Student Spotlight page! Our Student Spotlight articles highlight the incredible work and accomplishments of the students of the Howard University College of Medicine. Click on the profiles below to get a unique perspective on the modern student experience at HUCM.





  David Woods

“I plan to take advantage of the opportunities and good fortune that have been bestowed upon me and give back to a community from which I have taken so much. Ultimately, I would like to not only continue the legacy that Howard has cemented, but to advance it further by becoming one in a long line of caring, and competent health care professionals. Read more.
  Diana Nwokoye

“I had the most fun at my Howard Interview. I searched for a school with a real family heartbeat--a place where people are supportive of each other and lift each other up. This is exactly what I found my first day at HUCM," Read more.

Harry Nonez

“I have a heart for the underserved due to my own socioeconomic struggles--being raised by a single mom, as well as my belief that healthcare providers have a duty to help all patients regardless of their circumstances,” Read more.


Marcus Wooten

“The difference with Howard is that we are dedicated to serving the community and underserved populations. Even though myself and my classmates have different interests and might go in different directions, we are all willing to help and give back, which creates commonality and a real family atmosphere.” Read more.


Brianna Washington

“This past year, standing in anatomy lab as we cleaned up and got ready for summer, it hit me, that I was standing in a room of 100 people who would become doctors with me," Read more.


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