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As an alumnus of Howard University College of Medicine you know the value of traditions. The graduation photos on the second floor stretching back to 1908; the Long White Coat ceremony for graduating seniors; the investment of the faculty in the students; alumni supporting our own. Upon our traditions, many great things can be built. 

You can keep these traditions alive by becoming a member of Howard University Medical Alumni Association (HUMAA) for just $125 a year or $2,000 for Charter Life membership. Membership of HUMAA offers benefits such as access to the Stokes Health Science Library, the Alumni Directory, invitations to local alumni events, the monthly newsletter, and social media groups. Membership of HUMAA ensures the continuation of traditions that make the Howard University College of Medicine a unique and special experience. 

By giving to HUMAA, alumni like you provide the additional support needed to enable HUMAA to accomplish its mission of support for the College of Medicine. HUMAA also serves as the largest contributor to scholarships for Howard University College of Medicine students. 

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