Why Giving Back Matters: The Student Perspective

“Walking down the halls at this special institution humbles me—framed pictures of graduated classes as early as the 1920’s are a constant reminder of the many that came before me, and how their existence made space for me to be here. Whether it’s those framed pictures, encouragement from alumni I meet at the airport, or HUMAA scholarships given at the times I needed them most, the alumni support at Howard is invaluable.

The Surgical Interest Society and I recently organized an event in celebration of the College of Medicine’s 150th Anniversary. We reached out to HUMAA early on and their relentless support truly made the event possible. Working with HUMAA in that process was another reminder of how accessible and supportive the alumni community is to students.

As a student, I often look at established alumni and mentors and ponder at such a long journey ahead of me. However, the student-alumni connection at Howard makes the journey a lot easier. I’m inspired by the generosity of the alumni, and I encourage our community to continue to water this relationship, as alumni support is pivotal. We must keep paying it forward! I challenge my classmates, current residents, and future attendings and clinicians to keep this in mind as we move along our journeys.” -India Jones, M.D. Candidate 2020

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