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2022 HUMAA Executive Board Elections


To cast your ballot, please click here and do so by May 2nd, 11:59pm ET.

Below is the list of candidates for each position. Please click on any candidate's name to review their self-completed board application.


Kathryn Kelly, M.D. Class of 2007

Vice President 

Annette Bey Shaw, M.D., MBA, FACOG, Class of 1984


Keith Hunter, M.D., Class of 1981


Marie Young, M.D., Class of 1979

Executive Board Member (Three positions available)

Ademola Adewale, M.D., Class of 2000

Gloria Burns-Hearn, M.D., Class of 1995

Deborah Griffiths, M.D., FACEP, Class of 1988

Brian Hall, M.D., Class of 2004

Sheldon Lewis, M.D., Class of 1995

Krystle Pew, M.D., Class of 2015

Ishrat Rafi, M.D., Class of 2000

Keino Rutherford, M.D., Class of 1999

Kurt Vernon, M.D., Class of 1990



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