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Thank you to the following donors to our
COVID-19 Emergency and Greatest Need Fund. 
We greatly appreciate your generosity during these unprecedented times!  

Join our HUMAA Heroes. Please make your donation today.  

Jaikrishna Balkissoon, M.D.
Nicolette Ballou, M.D.
Monique Barbour, M.D., MHA
Gerald Bell, M.D.
Donald Cannon, M.D.
Dia Copeland, M.D.
Anisa Cott, M.D.
Sharon Deans, M.D.
Tara DeYampert, M.D.
William L. Doss, III, M.D. 
Carol Glover, M.D.
Kathleen Gordon, M.D.
Deborah Griffiths, M.D.
Leslie Kingslow, M.D.
KaNisha Hall, M.D. 
Keith Hunter, M.D.
Robin Jenkins, M.D. 
Beverly Johnson, M.D.
Wallis Jones, M.D. 
Kathryn Kelly, M.D. 
Leslie Kingslow, M.D.
Edward Lam, M.D. 
Sheldon Lewis, M.D.
Lovell Mayle, M.D. 
Jose Novoa, M.D.
Amy Nguyen, M.D.
Michael Parish, M.D. 
Leslie Paul, M.D.
Dana Broussard-Perry, M.D.
Dale Rader, M.D.

Annette Bey Shaw, M.D.
Eddie Swift, M.D.
Connie Swiner, III, M.D.
Deborah Thompson, M.D.
Charles Trotman, M.D., MBA
Mary Quinn, M.D.
Kevin Wallace, M.D. 
Mildred Hall-Watson, M.D. 
Andrea Wilcox, M.D. 
Melvin Williams, M.D.
Marie Young, M.D. 


Founded by Howard University School of Medicine (HUCM) alumni in 1871, HUMAA is a 501(c)(3) organization governed by a Board of Directors. Our Association operates independently from the university with a mission of engaging and supporting alumni, as well as providing scholarships to HUCM students.  This mission is also accomplished by providing long white coats for the graduating seniors, sponsoring an annual welcome event for freshmen, conducting a monthly alumni speaker series to mentor and educate current students, and endowing a Chair in Basic Sciences at HUCM.

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