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Dr. Stephen Taylor, M.D. '88, M.P.H., has been appointed Chief Medical Officer for Behavioral Health for Pathway Healthcare in Dallas, TX. Dr. Taylor is a quadruple-board-certified, honors graduate of Harvard University and a graduate of Howard University College of Medicine. Dr. Taylor comes to Pathway with over 20 years of practice experience. His expertise is in specialized care for patients and their families afflicted with drug and alcohol addictions, behavioral disorders and general psychiatric disorders. Dr. Taylor will oversee Pathway’s exceptional care in treating drug and alcohol addiction and dependency.

According to Dr. Brent Boyett, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Pathway, “from its conception, the Pathway philosophy was intent on providing the therapies for substance use disorders supported by the current best evidence. This approach includes evidence based medications combined with behavioral therapies proven to provide the best treatment outcomes. Dr. Taylor’s psychiatric expertise rounds out our clinical leadership providing to a multidisciplinary prospective to the treatment of this complex, chronic disease. It is my great honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with such a distinguished colleague.”

Dr. Taylor joins Pathway to share his knowledge and to oversee and contribute insight to the work and success of Pathway’s proprietary treatment program: MAT Plus™. This scientifically proven program is a combination of medication assisted treatment and behavioral counseling that helps those suffering from opioid, alcohol and other drugs addiction and dependency. Dr. Taylor said, “I have watched Pathway develop their outstanding behavioral health and counseling guidelines as part of their medically assisted treatment program. Their performance has been outstanding and I feel blessed to join them in their important mission of delivering quality addiction treatment to patients and families in communities in need. As all should be aware, there is an addiction and dependency problem in America that has reached crisis levels. Pathway is well suited to offer comprehensive and holistic care to those in need.”

In addition to his oversight at Pathway, Dr. Taylor will continue in his important role as the Medical Director of the Player Assistance/Anti-Drug Program of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), a position in which Dr. Taylor has now served for ten years.

Scott Olson, Pathway CEO said in announcing the appointment, “I am very proud that Dr. Taylor has agreed to join Pathway as our Chief Behavioral Officer. I think the fact that someone of his stature, with his recognized experience in helping people and families traumatized by the horrors of addiction, his intelligence and depth of knowledge, has agreed to join the Pathway family speaks to the success that we have achieved in making the Pathway clinics the most forward looking, compassionate and results oriented drug and alcohol addiction and dependency clinics in the country.”

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