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Uche Onwuegbusi has completed her first 3 years of medical school at Howard University College of Medicine. She is in desparate need to pay off an outstanding balance of $18,000 for Spring 2018 tuition and fees, pay $25,000 for the Fall 2018 semester, and to raise funds for residency application in September. Without paying these debts, she cannot resume her studies. She is a mother to her 3-year old son who she currently cares for alone due to visa issues that have prevented her husband from being with them.

In the past, Uche has successfully secured private loans with the aid of a co-signer to cover her expenses. Unfortunately, she has not been able to secure any more loans since January 2018 due to new regulations for securing private loans with a cosigners. She has not been able to find a cosigner who can meet all of the new requirements. As an international student, she does not qualify for federal loans. Due to an economic meltdown and currency devaluation in Nigera, securing any funds from family and friends back home has been nearly impossible.

Her savings are drained and she does not have any means of paying for her academic expenses or living expenses for her and her son. Click here to see her GoFundMe page.

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